Zaphyra is a jungle type invizimal that appears in Invizimals.

How to catchEdit

Zaphyra's hunger must be quelled by placing meat in spots that it wants.

Press and hold the cross button to power your throw. Release the cross button to throw a piece of meat.

Place the meat on the glowing marker. If it's close enough, Zaphyra will pounce on the meat and eat it, reducing its hunger level.

Zaphyra's hunger bar is constantly increasing, so pay attention to it.

Zaphyra is caught when the hunger bar becomes empty. Zaphyra will escape if the hunger bar is filled up.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 100

Stamina: 160

Stamina recovery: 5

Attack: 13

Armour: 0

Statistical analysisEdit

Zaphyra is a offense first invizimal. Zaphyra has two great offensive assets. Zaphyra has a base 13 attack, which is pretty good, and a huge base 160 stamina, which gives Zaphyra plenty of stamina to work with.

Zaphyra has a lot of weaknesses. Zaphyra has extremely poor defense. Zaphyra has a paltry base 100 life and base 0 armour; Zaphyra will be hit hard and can't take much. As well, Zaphyra has a base 5 stamina recovery, which means you can't be too aggressive with your stamina expenditure.