Attack Style Element Power
(at level 1)
Ineffective on
fire tail attack punch
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Tigershark is a jungle element invizimal and has appeared in every game in the series, with a main part in the third game The Lost Tribes . As the name suggests, in apperence Tigershark is a cross between a tiger and a shark. Tigershark is one of the few invizimals for which there exists a dark version and the only invizimal that exists in dark form as a pup, colt and max.


Tigershark is never caught in the wave. Instead, Tigershark is always owned by a trainer that is unlocked after the main story has been completed.

In the first Invizimals, after defeating Campbell, a trainer in the Mumbai club will appear. This trainer will always have either a level 12 Zephyra, or a level 1 Tigershark, which may be mutated. This trainer always plays with the three sets and bet rules in action, and always has a few powerful vectors.

In the second Invizimals, after Campbell is once again defeated, a trainer in the India club will appear. This trainer will always use either a level 1 Tigershark or a level 12 Griffonator.

Base statsEdit

Life: 100

Stamina: 100

Stamina Recovery: 9

Attack: 13

Armor: 0

Tigershark is *very* simple in concept: every stat besides his amazing stamina recovery and good attack are bottom barrel. Tigershark is an offense happy invizimal. Tigershark should be trained to enhance his strengths. His stamina recovery is easily his trump card, as it is among the highest in the game, and can grow to ridiculous levels, which offsets Tigershark's poor stamina. His attack, on the other hand, isn't quite as jaw dropping, but is still above average and should still be focused upon. His other three stats should be touched minimally, as investing in those stats does little to increase Tigershark's worth or enforce Tigershark's niche as a hard hitting, constantly prepared offensive invizimal.