Attack Style Element Power
(at level 1)
Ineffective on
Poison 45 Element desert
Slice 32 Element ice
Normal (Bottom) Fire 19 Element fire
Normal (Right) Sonic 19 Element ocean

Element fire Stingwing is a fire Invizimal that appears in all three invizimals titles to date. Its apperance is based either on a wasp or a hornet except coloured red. Stingwing is refered to as female by Kenichi which is renforced by its feminine looks.

Stingwing pup



Stingwing is caught in the same way in all three games. Kenichi's instructions are to stay still and quiet until she lands, and that splat her. Splatting her involves slamming you hand down on the trap once she has landed. This capture is best performed with the trap on a hard surface such as a table, as the PSP needs to register a sound as well as the visuals of you hand being in place.

It should be noted that Stingwing is only obtainable in Invizimals: Shadow Zone if you respond that you did not play the prequel Invizimals. it should also be noted that selecting that option makes Icelion, Hilltopper, and Flameclaw unobtainable without trading.

Base statsEdit

Life: 100

Stamina: 140

Stamina Recovery: 5

Attack: 13

Armor: 3

Stingwing's biggest assets are her above average stamina and attack stats. These stats are the core to Stingwing's success. Good stamina and attack allow Stingwing to be a dangerous offensive threat. However, her poor stamina recovery, life, and armor make her easy to take down without proper stamina management and dodging ability.