Roboquito is a Rock element Invizimal that appears in Invizimals: Shadow Zone.


According to the game's description of Roboquito, they are "An Experiment In Robotics That Have Gone Extremely Wrong." Roboquito is an Invizimal that has multiple eyes that were connected to a central circuit that linked to the other eyes. However, they broke apart from each other, allowing Roboquito to look in many different directions from each of his six eyes at will, and each eye can look in different directions.

How to CaptureEdit

To capture a Roboquito, you need to replicate the directions his eyes are looking at with your PSP. Use the D-pad to replicate the left eye, and use the X, [], triangle, and O buttons to replicate the right eye. Every correct replication will get you points. Once the point bar is full, he is captured.

Notable AppearancesEdit

Roboquito has only been seen twice in the story. The first time is before the Indian Tournament, where you must correctly capture a Roboquito Max in order to gain entry (you do not keep the Roboquito, unfortunately). The second time is in the Indian Club, where Nishil owns a Level 2/6 Roboquito.

Base StatsEdit

Level 1

Life: 100

Stamina: 140

Stamina Recovery: 6

Attack: 10

Armor: 6

Roboquito has poor offensive presence due to his low base 10 attack, and can't take too many hits thanks to his low base 100 life. However, the combination of an above average stamina threshold (base 140) and a decent stamina recovery (base 6) make Roboquito very hard to tire out, making him capable of applying a lot of offensive pressure to the opponent through a sheer onslaught of attacks, and capable of dodging several attacks without expending a lot of stamina. His above average 6 armor also allows users to give Roboquito some insurance should he get hit by an attack.