Ocelotl is a jungle type Invizimal that appears in Invizimals: Shadow Zone.

How to catchEdit

Ocelotl plays with a ball and hits it off of three walls. The player must move Ocelotl using the directional keys, left and right only.

The goal is to hit the ball a certain number of times in perfect succession. Allowing the ball to drop breaks this streak.

Depending on the angle the player hits the ball, the trajectory of the ball can be manipulated to an extent in order to limit the ball's lateral movement.

Once the score limit is reached, the capture is completed, and the player will receive Ocelotl once the current round is finished.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 120

Stamina: 120

Stamina Recovery: 5

Attack: 14

Armour: 0

Statistical analysisEdit

Ocelotl is an offense first Invizimal. With an enormous 14 attack and 120 stamina, Ocelotl has two very useful tools that will aid the player in beating the enemies through sheer force. Due to an above average life and stamina threshold, Ocelotl has some room for error with regards to dodging and stamina management, although not much, since Ocelotl has a slow stamina recovery and weak armour.

Ocelotl performs best when the player can ensure Ocelotl can deal its damage. Through Snow Storm and Force packs, among other things, Ocelotl's effectiveness increases significantly, as the enemy will be forced to sponge an extremely powerful attack, perhaps even twice. Battles can be won in quick order with this strategy, as most Invizimals don't need to be hit too many times to topple to an Ocelotl.

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