The Ice Dragon is an ice type dragon Invizimal that appears in Invizimals and Invizimals: Shadow Zone.

How to catchEdit


Ice Dragon, like other dragons, must be won through its respective ice type tournament, after defeating all trainers in its club. The club is unlocked after evolving an Ice type invizimal to the max variety.

Invizimals: Shadow ZoneEdit

Ice Dragon is caught in a cooperative capture through Infrastructure or Ad-Hoc mode.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 140

Stamina: 120

Stamina recovery: 5

Attack: 13

Armour: 15

Statistical analysisEdit

Ice Dragon is an extreme defensive force. It has the highest base armour of any Invizimal ever, at base 15. Certain Invizimals can't even achieve 15 or better without two investments, whereas Ice Dragon starts off at that point. Ice Dragon also has a good life stat and decent stamina stat to back it up, while also having a solid base 13 attack, making the Ice Dragon an ideal tank-like Invizimal.

Unfortunately, the Ice Dragon recovers stamina slowly, at base 5 recovery. This means that good management of stamina is required. Beyond that, however, the Ice Dragon is an extremely solid Invizimal.