Here is a list of glitches that occur in the Invizimals game series.

In InvizimalsEdit

Rattleraptor roar glitchEdit

Some of the Rattleraptor's moves are mixed up. The roar will slice the foe into bits, while the claws wil cause sound damage.

In Invizimals: Shadow ZoneEdit

Sprite GlitchesEdit


When switching over from Griffonator, a large sheet of technology seems to be protruding from the Roboquito Pup.


When switching over from another Invizimal, there seems to be something protruding from the baby form of Hipporockamus. It is much larger when switching over from Steeltail.

In Invizimals: The Lost TribesEdit

Shapeshifter music differenceEdit

When the Shapeshifter's capture music changes overtime in Shadow Zone, it stays the same in the Lost Tribes

In all Invizimals gamesEdit

Trap ShiftEdit

Sometimes mid-battle or mid-capture the trap will glitch out the sprite or the whole capture area or battle field.Also common the trap will shift back and forth between large and small trap squares or invert the field.