Flameclaw is a fire type invizimal that has appeared in the first three games of the series.

How to catchEdit

Invizimals and Lost TribesEdit

In the original game and Lost Tribes, Flameclaw must be surrounded by a ring of fire. Press the R button to emit a flame where your crosshair is pointed.

Should you run out of ammo, shake the PSP/PSVita to regain ammo.

Shadow ZoneEdit

Flameclaw is only eligible to be caught as a pup if the player answers "Yes" to having played the first invizimals, and if Flameclaw is chosen on the trap when the icon for Flameclaw, Hilltopper, and Icelion are visible. If Flameclaw wasn't chosen here, he is not allowed to be hunted for in the wave until the player receives a Flameclaw through a trade.

Flameclaw must walk over a series of yellow markers on a platform. Press the cross button to make flameclaw move to your point of aim. There are multiple holes on the platform, so plan accordingly.

Once Flameclaw hits the yellow marker in the middle of the platform, Flameclaw is captured.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 100

Stamina: 100

Stamina recovery: 5

Attack: 14

Armour: 6

Statistical analysisEdit

Flameclaw is a very straightforward invizimal. It dishes out strong attacks and can shrug off some strong attacks as well.

At base 14, Flameclaw's attack is extremely high and it is very easy to hurt opponents in short order.

At base 6, Flameclaw's armour is above average and allows Flameclaw to take some punishment. Unfortunately, Flameclaw's defensive presence is heavily offset by a poor base 100 life & stamina, alongside a low base 5 stamina recovery. Reckless use of Flameclaw can lead to a quick demise thanks to a low stamina and recovery interval that will open up the player to be bombarded by hits which chip away at Flameclaw's poor health.