The Fire Dragon is a fire type dragon invizimal that appears in all three games.

How to catchEdit


Fire Dragon cannot be caught in the wave. Fire Dragon is won by winning the Hawaii tournament, which is unlocked once the player evolves a fire type invizimal to its max stage and defeats everyone in the Hawaii club, including the boss.

Fire Dragon cannot be mutated in this game, and is given at level 12.

Shadow Zone and beyondEdit

In Shadow Zone and beyond, Fire Dragon is caught cooperatively, requiring 2 players to be on Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure mode and have the Fire Dragon unlocked.

Press the cross button to shoot.

Fire Dragon is slow moving, only attacking periodically and is easy to avoid. Getting hit three times by the Fire Dragon downs you.

Actually dealing damage to Fire Dragon is perhaps the most difficult part of any dragon catch. Fire Dragon will occasionally spread open the weak spots under his wings. Both weak points must be hit at almost the same time. There is very little margin for error with regards to the timing, so communicating with your partner to signal when to shoot is usually mandatory.

Fire Dragon will escape if a partner is downed for too long.

Damage must be dealt to Fire Dragon three separate times to fully deplete his health bar, which will capture him.

Fire Dragon is given to each player at level 9, allowing for more statistical customisation than before.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 100

Stamina: 140

Stamina recovery: 6

Attack: 17

Armour: 6

Statistical analysisEdit

Fire Dragon is the hardest hitting invizimal in the game, bar none, as evidenced by his massive base 17 attack. Every hit from the Fire Dragon is going to hurt.

Fire Dragon also has some decent stats backing up his amazing attack stat, namely his good base 140 stamina and decent base 6 stamina recovery, which takes a massive leap to base 8 when Fire Dragon is mutated. Fire Dragon also has a very appealing base 6 armour, which allows Fire Dragon to take the odd knock against him.

Fire Dragon is let down by a poor life stat, at just base 100. This destroys any chance of giving Fire Dragon defensive merit, which is a shame, since his armour, stamina, and stamina recovery are all quite good.

Fire Dragon is extremely similar to the Lightning Dragon and the Dark Flameclaw. The Fire Dragon is statistically identical to the Lightning Dragon, while the Dark Flameclaw has a lower base attack in exchange for a higher base stamina recovery, while matching it in every other stat.

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