One of the first Invizimasl that that you will come across in Shadow Zone, Draco can grow into a very powerful ally.

In order to obtain Draco, you must first break apart the granite block that encases this beast. Be warned, if your just trying this for the first time, you may have some trouble. Rotate your camera and remember to blow excess debree off the block.

This is the Draco Pup
Titan 001a

Frontal View

Titan 002a

Draco Pup 3/4

Titan 002a

Draco Pup 3/4

Titan 003a

Draco Pup Profile

The Draco Pup starts with these stats

  • Life 120
  • Stamina 100
  • Recovery 6
  • Attack 12
  • Armor 6

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