The Desert Dragon is the desert type elemental dragon seen in all Invizimals games.

How to catchEdit


Desert Dragon cannot be caught in this game. Instead, it is won by beating the Sahara Desert tournament, which the player gains access to after evolving every desert invizimal to its max form.

All other gamesEdit

Desert Dragon is a co-operative capture, and must be done with a partner on Ad-hoc or Infrastructure mode.

Desert Dragon will move quickly around the trap and will usually pick a target to attack repeatedly. When it is flying, the weak spots under its wings get exposed, and they can be shot to deal marginal amounts of damage to the Desert Dragon. It will begin to fly after finishing a barrage of attempted attacks on a player.

Desert Dragon uses a variety of attacks, so be careful and react accordingly.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 140

Stamina: 100

Stamina recovery: 12

Attack: 13

Armour: 3

Statistical analysisEdit

Desert Dragon is a very flexible invizimal that can pose an offensive and defensive nightmare to the opposing player. Desert Dragon has an enormous base 11 stamina recovery, which allows Desert Dragon to recover ridiculously quickly from whatever action it recently performed. Desert Dragon also has a good base 140 life and base 13 attack, which give it some defensive and offensive tools to work with.

The Desert Dragon's poorest stats are in its stamina and armour. Its armour is merely base 3, which is decent, but its stamina is low, at base 100. That being said, the high stamina recovery means that the low maximum stamina shouldn't be a problem, as any stamina lost can be regained very quickly.

The Desert Dragon is most similar statistically to the Spectral Dragon. The Spectral Dragon shares all the same stats, but has a base six armour and a base 120 life.