Dark Invizimals are a new tribe first introduced in the game titled Invizimals: Shadow Zone being used by Sebastian Campbell near the end of the game. He transformed Invizimals, such as:

  • Bratbat (Dark Mine)
  • Phalamos (Dark Abyss)
  • Flameclaw (Dark Desert)
  • Rattleraptor (Dark Jungle)
  • Hilltopper (Dark Mountain)
  • Icelion (Viper's Nest)

Later they were accesible to the player in the sequel, Invizimals: The Lost Tribes, which introduced:

  • Dark Sandflame
  • Dark Tigershark
  • Dark Uberjackal
  • Dark Xue Hu
  • Dark Jetcrab
  • Dark Xiong Mao

Some invizimals change type when mutated. An example of this is the usually Rock Jetcrab, which turns into Ocean in the process, or Desert Sandflame, which turns into Fire.

Dark sandflame

Dark Sandflame