Axel Kaminsky is a Russian arms dealer and hacker, the secret undefeated champion of the Tokyo club, and is the primary antagonist for much of the Invizimals storyline, only being revealed as Sebastian Campbell's right hand man at the end of the story. His main Invizimal is a Tunderwulfe Max, and his hideout is at the Viper's Nest in Russia. He also makes a cameo appearance in Invizimals: Shadow Zone.


Throughout the entire storyline, Kaminsky had been secretly collecting all the information he could about the Invizimal world and was rumored to be weaponizing Invizimals. Kaminsky tried to hack into Kenichi's lab in Tokyo, which prompted Kenichi's boss to fly him out of the country to Mumbai via private jet. Kaminsky then proceeded to the airport in Mumbai Kenichi landed at, kidnapping and interrogating him. However, Campbell made Kaminsky release Kenichi to fool Kenichi and his friends.

When the power went out in Campbell's Castle, Kaminsky got the order to kidnap Kenichi and to lock him up in the Viper's Nest. In the process, he also hurt Jazmin, who needed to go to a hospital after the attack.

During the next interaction Sebastian Campbell has with the player, he reveals key information on Axel Kaminsky: his name, his appearance, and his intentions. Campbell also confirms that it was Kaminsky who hacked into Kenichi's lab and kidnapped Kenichi in Mumbai, but Campbell made sure to leave out the connection between him and Kaminsky.

Later on, Kaminsky starts interacting with the player through a Russian camera feed around a dungeon leading to the Viper's Nest. He brags himself up to the player multiple times. Eventually, Kaminsky strikes a deal with the player: all of the player's Invizimals, their PSP, and 1000 sparks in exchange for Kenichi.

After the player holds up their end of the bargain, Kaminsky goes to the Viper's Nest, where he traps and battles the player. Before the battle starts, however, Dawson and Jazmin hijack Kaminsky's signal to the player to warn them about Kaminsky, how he is the secret, undefeated champion of the Tokyo club.

After losing to the player, Sebastian Campbell arrives at the Viper's Nest and confronts Kenichi, the player, and Kaminsky. Campbell scolds Kaminsky for failing him before revealing his true nature to Kenichi and friends. It is unknown what happened to Kaminsky after Campbell was defeated and vanished.

Invizimals: Shadow ZoneEdit

Kaminsky makes a cameo appearance in Invizimals: Shadow Zone, at the Viper's Nest as a member of the Dark Invizimal club. He will use a Dark Hilltopper to battle in Club Fights and the Tournament.

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