Audrey is a jungle type invizimal that appears in Invizimals: The Lost Tribes. Audrey has significance to the story.


When Professor Michaels, Scott Dawson, and Jazmin all find Kenichi's secret base in Kyoto, and after the player defeats the Kabuto-Robo guardian, Professor Michaels discovers that a plant (later confirmed to be Audrey) is the key to unlocking the shadow gate. The plant, a Thailand native, forces Michaels to embark on a trip to Thailand.

After the player collects the Invizimals in Thailand and wins the Thailand tournament, Audrey will attack the player and start capture.

Once captured and after the player collects the invizimals in the cave, Professor Michaels will take the plant to the base and place it on the floor, where it unlocks the portal.

How to catchEdit

Audrey's three mouths must be blocked with pineapples.

Press the cross button to fire.

On either side of Audrey is a tree that can be shot at. Successfully hitting it will cause a pineapple to drop. Pick up and hold the pineapple with the R button.

When a mouth is open, quickly release the R button to fire the pineapple. Should the shot connect, the mouth will be blocked with the pineapple.

Block all three mouths before time runs out to catch her. Running out of time permits Audrey to escape.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 100

Stamina: 160

Stamina recovery: 5

Attack: 14

Armour: 3

Statistical analysisEdit

Audrey is an offense first invizimal, as evidenced by her high base 14 attack and base 160 stamina. These two stats allow her to deliver a painful onslaught of attacks in short order.

Unfortunately, Audrey is a defensive liability, as she has a poor base 100 life and an unimpressive base 3 armour.

Audrey's high stamina ways are offset by a bad base 5 stamina recovery, which means that although Audrey has a lot of stamina on her side, it can be tough to keep it topped up.